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Posting Guidelines.

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Posting Guidelines.

Postby gorv on Sun Jan 07, 2007 2:29 pm

The old rules posts are outdated, so here's the skinny.

1) Be a dude, not a dick.

Don't cry to us if someone is making fun of you. We are all dudes here, and we will act as such. Meaning ass-slaps and gay hugs.

2) Use your damn head.

Don't be retarded, and post anything like CP, etc. I sincerely doubt we will have that problem, but we should have it in writing. Nothing super-illegal.

3) Don't type like a 13-year old girl

It's a forum, not IRC/AIM/etc. Punctuation is a big issue. It makes things much easier to read. Because this is a forum, you're already spending more time typing it. Type it well.

4) Account names are sacred. Don't register under someone else's OCR name. If you have already done so let me know. Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned.

5) Alt accounts are allowed, but we reserve the right to reveal the identity at any time and to delete the account without warning. We don't want to see 1,000 users from 6 IPs.

6) Make worthwhile posts. Where UnMod used to enforce this by flaming and bitching, now we can delete and, when necessary, ban. If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything. Voicing agreement or dissent are usually ok, when appropriate, but reasoning is always better.

7) These rules do not apply to Forum 14. It has its own rules, posted or not. If you aren't sure what's appropriate there, lurk for awhile.

FORUM 14 IS NOT UNMOD. It is molto's playplace. Run by molto. Moderated by molto. Molto. If you go there, and don't read the stickies, or lurk to understand the forum, you will be flamed. That is how it is. I, frankly, do not even consider f14 part of UnMod.org. I recommend you do not consider it that as well.

Forum 14 is NOT Unmod.org's unmod.

8) Don't call for something to be put into Memory Lane. If it's funny, it'll be put there. Trust us. You can recommend it to a mod/admin, or even report the post and say it should be memlaned, just don't post about it in the thread. It kills the mood.

Through all this, there is only one banworthy offense: Being a complete moron. We are not certain other admins who will remain nameless. We're dudes. You be one too.

Red Omen

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