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American Political Discussion and the Important Issues

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Re: American Political Discussion and the Important Issues

Postby Smasha on Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:24 am


http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010 ... s=y6qbq00r

Notes: Higher taxes, lower government spending. Consumption taxes yes, estate, investment, and income taxes on the rich generally no. I'm not sure if the bank tax counts as an investment tax but it is a good idea to discourage banks from expanding too quickly. The hardest choice for me was cutting the navy and air force, since I'm a little hawkish I guess. I worked from the bottom of the page up and had the budget balanced before selecting anything in the domestic and foreign aid category; I could have left these alone. The amount of deficit reduced by some of the items in that puzzle is surely overstated so I wanted breathing room. Not to mention that we shouldn't be interested in merely eliminating the deficit but rather making surpluses big enough to eliminate the debt quickly.

I expect some of the policies listed in the puzzle to be difficult to implement, even if the public and both political parties favoured them.


So the lame-duck house passed the don't ask don't tell repeal. I'm not too hopeful though. This could just be a stunt, to appeal to pro-gay voters, while preventing attack ads from saying "Democrats gayed the military" and while maintaining the status quo (and pleasing any campaign sponsors with an interest in the status quo).

"We tried to pass the repeal, we meant to, but time ran out and the Republicans took control. Elect us again and we will pass it for real next time."
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